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Best Fitness Advice for Business Travelers

When most people think of exercise while traveling, the research makes them think of people torturing themselves in a gym with weight machines and running on treadmills like a hamster for hours at a time. Gross!

Besides, when you’re traveling, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is being cooped up in a gym when you should be out exploring your new surroundings!

I used to be a gym rat trying to get fit, and it wasn’t until I started traveling that I really had to dig into the motivation behind WHY we should take care of ourselves: So we can do cool activities that remind us why being alive is amazing!

We only get one chance on this planet, and we only have one body to do it in, so we should probably take care of ourselves. Luckily, if we can do some basic things and put a few key systems in place while traveling (and when we’re not traveling), we’ll be ready to do whatever, wherever, whenever. Jackpot!

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