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Are You Fit Enough to Travel?

As the economy is booming United States, and the US dollar is rising against other currencies, the travel business is taking off. But, are you fit enough to travel?

There are many wonderful tours out there - cruises, walking tours, music tours, art/garden/flower tours and many more...can your body handle it?

I have consulted with several high-end travel companies, and developed a travel conditioning program based on their recommendations and the challenges that they have seen in travelers.

For example, when you travel in Europe you will find that not all areas are wheelchair or walker-accessible. Here are three agreed-upon tests that you can take yourself at home to see if you are fit enough to travel throughout Europe:

1. Sit to stand test: sit in a dining chair with your arms folded across your shoulders. Keeping your hands on your shoulders, stand up and sit down repeatedly for 30 seconds and record the total number of your repetitions.

2. Walk-around test: Place an object 10 feet away from your chair. Starting from a seated position, stand up, walk around the object and return to sit in the chair. Record the time this took to complete.

3. The step test: Make a mark on a wall that corresponds to the halfway point between your chin and your knee. March in place for two minutes, raising your knees with each step to the level of that mark. Record the number of steps you took in two minutes.

Send all your numbers and stats to me, and I will send you back an assessment and a workout program to get you ready for your trip. If you are in the Encinitas/San Diego, California area you can also see me in person.

E-mail me or call me for a free personal consultation at 760-688-8266. There is no obligation for you to do this - it is my public service and my contribution to a better world.

If you decide you want personal training with me, of course there is a very reasonable cost.

I would love to hear from you and help you have more fun on your travels!

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