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What to Wear When You Visit a New Gym or Studio

When traveling to another city or country, it is important to keep up your fitness routine! How exciting to see people in other areas of the country and in other cultures exercising ! The kind of equipment a gym has tells a lot about what the people who visit that gym value for their fitness. Does it have free weights, equipment to stretch on, fixed machines, or lots of cardio equipment?

In my travels, I have noticed that Germans love to stretch. They lean toward holistic fitness classes. Portuguese love their cardio, and Swedes can barely live without swimming. Americans love gadgets and technology for their fitness routines. Luckily, I personally love taking all kinds of fitness classes! I often learn new things, and discover new ways of moving my body.

So, what to wear? That depends - are you going to take a yoga, Pilates, or cardio class, or are you going to do a weight or cardio workout by yourself?

If you are taking a class, your arrival/departure wear is important. You want to look, you must invest in a smart cover-up. An exercise cover-up, immediately announces that you are a fitness aficionado, and if you are faking it, at least you are saying that you mean business!!! In essence you are saying: "I showed up prepared, I hope you, the teacher did too, along with everybody taking this class with me. So, let's have a great class."

After your class, many cover-ups can be worn with a tank top and jeans or tights for a casual day on the town. You will want to change your footwear to boots, casual flats or city sneakers, of course.

Next, have a water bottle of your own, a small towel, and sun glasses! The sun glasses alone reek of preparation and scream, "I want a high quality class!" You will be amazed what you can bring out of a teacher if you wear them as you arrive!

Wear some classic, high-waisted, flattering black tights! Long ones if you are in cold weather and short for warmer days. This is not a time for your legwear with birds flying on your thighs or the galaxy displayed on your legs. Keep it classic and understated.

Your top should be one color and flattering to your skin tone. I like white, black or maybe gray: If another color suits you better go with that. These pieces can also do double-duty if you need to wear them out on the town. Stay away from shades of red as they are tricky to match with your other travel wear.

Check the straps on your top before you travel: if they are too skinny, you may fall out of your top and need a second bra. If you are male, make sure your top is not so loose that it distracts you from your workout.

If you are opting for a solo workout, be it with cardio machines or weights, choose what you are comfortable in. I would go for a sports T-shirt or tank top in black, and classic pants or shorts. No cover-up for this workout! it would just get in the way.

Footwear is another category that can set you apart. For Pilates and yoga always bring yoga sticky socks as some studios do not allow bare feet. Other types of classes require running shoes. Keep their soles clean and mud-free, and choose a muted color like white, grey or black. These colors are a bit more refined-looking and can take you out on the town as well.

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