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Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga

On a warm, sunny, late-summer morning, my friends and I decided to take our yoga practice to the water, so we made reservations at Floating Yogis SUP in Carlsbad, CA. We each got a board and a paddle, along with some brief instructions on how to stand and paddle, drop the anchor and then pull it up afterwards. Easy enough!

Away we paddled to the middle of Carlsbad Lagoon. Once at our destination, about a five-minute paddle, we dropped our anchors and tried to face the instructor. This is not all that easy, as the water is constantly moving the boards around!

The class started with balancing on the board in downward dog, which was very doable, and my confidence soared. Thant changed when we got to the warrior poses. My legs started shaking like leaves on a tree in a storm. I tried speaking to my legs to stop shaking, but they weren't listening. Apparently, I wasn't the only one struggling to stay balanced - I suddenly heard a splash behind me as someone fell into the water. Clearly one of the biggest differences between land yoga and SUP-yoga is the wonderful opportunity to get wet and cool off.

I made it through without a spill, and when finally in Savasana, I dipped my fingers and feet into the water. It cooled me off and felt so wonderful, I thought maybe I should have fallen (or jumped) into the water after all....

Back at the beach, posing for a final photo, we were all happy, feeling invigorated and promising to come back! It certainly took my balance to a new level, and the fresh air was good for the soul!

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