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Experiential Travel

Concierge Fitness of Encinitas offers trips that promote immersion into the local fitness and health culture of Encinitas, CA. From day trips to week-long trips, you can learn to kettle bell juggle on the beach, hang upside down in aerial yoga class, do moonlight meditations and explore breathtaking walking trails - these are all authentic Encinitas experiences.

Concierge Fitness offers travelers much more than traditional tourist opportunities. These are fitness and immersion experiences beyond the ordinary, so that you can get to know the locals and experience Encinitas in a very personal and engaged way.

Encinitas is an active beach community in SoCal. It has had a health, fitness, surf and spiritual culture for almost 100 years - long before it was popular in the rest of the country.

Travelling here with an open mind opens your heart to deeply experience this place. Coming here will change you. You will not return the same person as you were when you arrived because you will have learned something that will impact your daily life back home. This change could be as simple as joining your local gym, a nationwide chain of OrangeTheory, Fitwall, or local Pilates or yoga classes. Or perhaps you will begin eating healthier, talking longer walks and appreciating nature more....

The latest travel trend, marketed as "transformational travel", is something the people of Encinitas have known for a long time - that travel is transformational, and travelling here coined the phrase.

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