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Planning your trip

The most stressful part of traveling, and the part that people like the least is the planning and preparation of the trip. Where will you eat? How to stay fit? What activities and places will you not want to miss? What time of the day is a certain activity best suited for? Before you know it you have a nightmare on your hands.

Concierge Fitness of Encinitas solves these issues with expert planning of all of your fitness needs. We plan, coordinate and arrange everything for the right amount of health and fitness that you need your vacation to have. You can choose to have private fitness sessions, or walk and take classes with the locals.

We are on the scene in Encinitas, guiding you and helping you to make the most of your time and, most of all, enjoy your experience. You can choose to do any or all of our suggestions, knowing that they are all hand-selected to be delivered by the top-notch providers in their fields.

Where is the best spin class in town? Who has the best yoga class, the most relaxing stretch class, the hippest crystal bowl meditation or hardest boot camp? Hiring someone who knows the inside scoop is invaluable and allows you to maximize your enjoyment and your time here. While others are planning some hit-or-miss fitness activities, you will have access to the best of classes and teachers.

Enjoy yourself on your Encinitas trip more than you ever thought you could!

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