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The Encinitas Adventure - The Surfboard experience

Explore the beaches of Encinitas, where surfer hall-of-famers once lived and played. Perhaps you have wondered what being on a surfboard might feel like? Now you can! Spend the day at the beach, walking or running, start or finish the day by stretching out on a surfboard. Stand and stretch on a surfboard right on the sand to experience the feel of the board. Meet some of the current up-and coming surfers, hear and see how they train. They will tell you some secrets of the waves and of the local surf. Befor or after, enjoy a visit to one of the several local cafés, started by local surfers and residents. Taste the same healthy foods that surfers eat and drink.

Our tours visit and support the locals so this little town can continue to thrive and keep its "funky" identity. Call or e-mail your dates of visit!

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