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 For the last 15 years Ingrid has established herself in Encinitas, not only as an exceptional trainer and Pilates instructor, but also as the ultimate go-to person for all things fitness.

       “I am the only personal trainer I know, who likes all kinds of fitness activities.  For example, many Yogis don’t like running, runners don’t like to swing Kettlebells, Pilates students don’t like weight training etc.  I love it all!” Whether it's indoor, outdoor, in water, or on hills. From restorative Tibetian Bowl Yoga to Parcour and Boxing, I say, “Bring it on!”

       After moving to Encinitas, Ingrid visited all the fitness studios in town- just  to get to know the city. She ventured into Yoga, Kick Boxing, Spinning, Fitwall, Aerial yoga and many outdoor classes. Then she developed a 20 point evaluation to assess each club: for its quality of classes, aesthetics of facility, cleanliness, and more.   While welcoming the challenge of finding fun fitness activities for her clients and friends. “I wanted to keep people challenged and excited about their health and fitness, so I would do the extra leg work and make the phone calls, just to get them to the right place and person."

     "Encinitas has so much to offer – indoors and out! I love to help people connect to other peole, to help understand other cultures and perspectives.  I think of myself as a guide and a source of inspiration

to friends and visitors who are curious and want to discover new and innovative exercise formats, as well as some fresh ideas of rejuvenation."

How Ingrid Travels: 

Workout clothing: 
I always bring workout clothes with me. I roll them up in my ultra light Pack-It® Eagle Creek™ travel bags I keep the clothes generic so they are perfect for any occasion. My go-to is a pair of black running tights from Athleta,  a white bra-tank-top, a T-shirt and a coverup. 

Resistance bands: 
I always pack my "Sling Shot" Resistance Band for leg work and upper body work. Versatile in any hotel room and park workout. Plus, they're compact and lightweight - perfect for traveling!

A Sturdy Suitcase: 
I always travel with a sturdy carryon hardshell suitcase. The Eagle Creek™ bags I mentioned earlier allow you to roll your clothes in them and they hold their shape. Since they fit in my carryon, I have saved so much time and money since I never miss flights or have to wait for delayed luggage arrivals.

Massage Balls: 
In my carryon I also bring little MELT™ balls. They are great for rolling out the fascia around tight muscles in hands, feet, arms and calves. 

Natural toothpaste:
My favorite on-the-go toothpaste is Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste in peppermint. It comes in 1oz travel size! So convenient! 

Breath Freshener: 
EO organic refresh breath spray  is great if you don't have time to brush while traveling. It leaves your
breath fresh and doesn't upset your stomach. Also comes in a 1ml spray bottle.


I use coconut oil for moisturizer. You can use it on your face, hands, hair, everywhere! Trader Joes has them in small plastic 1oz pouches. No security control is going to give you a hassle over it - small enough, plus it is really a food item.... 

I bring my Grey Celtic Sea Salt® with me everywhere I go. It even comes in a .64oz sample size with a screw-on top. Perfect to bring with you anywhere to add extra flavor AND minerals to bland airport food. In addition, this unbleached, natural salt has cleansing properties and can help remove some of the toxins in food. ​

Ingrid's Favorite Places

As the Director of  Concierge Fitness Encinitas, Ingrid is responsible for coordinating and planning fitness activities for locals and tourists.  This means Ingrid is always out and about around town. She's always visiting fitness studios and participating in outdoor fitness activities. 

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