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Get a Beach Body while on Vacation. In Encinitas it's not only Possible, it's Probable!

Hikes, bikes, beach boot camps and yoga classes - find your spot in the sand in Encinitas!

With mile-long beaches, minutes to rugged mountains, and personal trainers offering killer outdoor fitness classes - Encinitas has it all!

Concierge Fitness in Encinitas offers guided treks to nearby mountain hikes, where you will be rewarded with panoramic views beyond your wildest imaginations.

Or, choose a 45- minute walk around the Encinitas Golf Course, which offers many Instagram-able photo ops. Stay at the Moonlight Beach Inn, a few steps from the white-sandy Moonlight Beach, Encinitas' number one favorite beach.

Of course, there is more to do than just hiking and outdoor fitness. You can visit any number of yoga and Pilates studios. All of them friendly and accommodating to visitors.

If your fitness goals are more ambitious, consider a package of an all-inclusive yoga, spinning, boxing, kettle bell-swinging, outdoor animal flow/par course/Pilates classes. We can add organic food, meditation and massage too, all carefully arranged by exercise physiologist, Ingrid Johnson, M.A.

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