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Rowing at the RowHouse

Row your boat at the RowHouse in Solana Beach! Just 1 mile south of Encinitas lies another beautiful beach town with the fun And low impact workout studio- The RowHouse! The 45 minute workout went by like a breeze. We didn’t have to roll the whole time thank goodness, we did some lightweight work as well. As the rowing machines are outside, the beautiful evening air and sunset skies added a lot to the enjoyment of my workout session.

The staff have thoughtfully placed a small container underneath every rower for personal items. The place was super clean, energetic, and the instructor explained how to use the rower before I got started. My stats were tracked by their in-house computer, so I know how many meters I rowed. They were emailed to me the next day.A very nice experience all at all. I will definitely be back!

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